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The Ultimate Eras: Pinback Button Collection

The Ultimate Eras: Pinback Button Collection

Dive into the symphony of pop history with "The Ultimate Eras: Pinback Button Collection". This exclusive 11-pack is meticulously designed for the dedicated music enthusiast, encapsulating the essence and evolution of pop's most iconic eras. Each button is a canvas, featuring hand-drawn artwork that celebrates the distinct chapters of music history, crafted to spark nostalgia and admiration among fans.

  • Hand-Drawn Artistry: Captures iconic music eras with unique, inspired designs.
  • Perfectly Sized: 1.5-inch buttons, ideal for bold expressions of music love.
  • Fashionably Versatile: Accentuates any outfit or accessory with a pop of musical homage.
  • Quality Crafted: Durable materials ensure your collection stands the test of time.
  • Ideal for Music Lovers: The perfect collectible or gift for true aficionados of pop music.

Whether preparing for a live concert, seeking to enhance your daily fashion, or searching for the perfect gift for a music lover, "The Ultimate Eras" pinback buttons are your ultimate choice. These pins do more than just adorn your wardrobe; they connect you to a larger community of music fans, celebrating the timeless journey of pop music together.

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What's Included

  • Six (6) Pop Artist Inspired Buttons (1.5 inches each)
  • Unique Hand-Drawn Designs by Honey Bear
  • Durable and Stylish for Everyday Wear

Product Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 1.5 Inches (Diameter)

Processing Time

1 - 3 Business Days

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