Honey Bear Has A New Look & Name!

Honey Bear Has A New Look & Name!

We're super excited about this massive brand overhaul that we've decided to do! 

New Logos, New Colors, and tons of New Products & Ideas Coming next! 

We wanted to stick with the Honey Bear Brand, but also wanted to expand beyond the Creative side of things! We create every single thing that we sell, we design, we cut, we assemble and we package/ship every single item one by one! We also wanted to keep the name but have the freedom to expand upon it! So in the now we're moving from Honey Bear Creatives to Honey Bear! We're not leaving the creative side behind, we're just expanding beyond it! This will become clear over the next few months! 

When we started the brand, we had no idea that it would evolve and be as successful as it has been so we wanted to see it go further! We knew a branding upgrade was needed, and we knew that we wanted to hire someone to tackle this task for us even though we're graphic designers ourselves! 

We gave our designer some ideas, tips, and inspiration and well.. he far exceeded our expectations! 

So we now have an adorable little mascot character, some badass badges, a custom font logo and so much more! We'll share more over the next few months as our new looks are bought to life in our packaging & our Upcoming Apparel line! 

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